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On a mission to help ALL people become all that they were created to be

Partnering with


In 2019, we began our partnership with World Orphans! World Orphans is an organization that is working towards preventing children from becoming orphans through empowering local churches to care for orphans until they all have homes.


Through the hard work and commitment to making a difference not only in the lives of our candidates but also in the world, JBL was able to donate $7,200 to complete the funding for World Orphans’ Economic Empowerment Program. This program provides families with financial education to equip families with long term poverty alleviation solutions, the opportunity to participate in savings groups that build dignity and foster healthy family relationships, vocational training, and seed money for selected participants to start businesses and move toward stability and independence.


We are excited to continue to live out our mission in 2020 of helping people and companies become all they were created to be. We are so thankful for the opportunity to live out our mission partnering with World Orphans!

Together we are making a difference! On behalf of World Orphans and those we serve, we are so grateful and excited to see stories re-written and lives transformed by your generosity, thank you JBL Team!! 

Randy Phillips, World Orphans

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